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London - Grob 109b - £12,000 for 1/4th and £42/hr*

***UPDATED ***
MORE FUN (taildrag & glide), AS FAST (90kts), MUCH CHEAPER (£42 per hour*)

G-LREE is a 1984 vintage, 800 hours into its second engine (lots to go) and 600 hours past its 3000 hour overhaul. Propeller in first extended year past due. Prior to this year it was kept in Germany where it was hangared and had no accidents. Seats were also recently replaced and entire plane was refurbished (new paint, gloss, instrument panel) by Grob experts Tim Dews and Dave Smith at Airbourne Composites.

GLREE deserves more than our 90-100 hours of love a year. Running costs about £20/hour for fuel only. Soaring is free. Quarter share upfront is about £12k plus £69/month standing costs. Maintenance to be paid pro rata as required: annuals, 50 hour, and prop next 'biggie' at about £1-2k).

Given the low cost of fuel relative to everything else, we are looking for a partner who is happy to split things four ways unless one of us flies it to Russia regularly. We are looking for a partner who, while appreciating green flying, also will not flinch when we decide to upgrade avionics or if a large, sudden bill hits otherwise so spendthrifts need not apply.

For details/photo please contact me at

*£42/hr = £31 operating (£69/mo fixed plus £20/hr fuel over 3 hrs/mo), plus maintenance £14/hr assuming £2000 divided by 4 pilots at this usage rate.
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G-LREE adds new member... 1 or 2 places left

I am pleased to welcome Steve Duckworth (Lasham and Fairoaks) to G-LREE at Denham. We are enjoying a great first season and Denham and The Pilot Centre has been a fantastic home to us, despite having gone years without seeing a motorglider. If you believe in composite, light, sporty aircraft that can run on mogas as the future of aviation... we agree! We also have room for 1-2 more group members. If you fly durring the week, we may be a bit more negotiable... happy Flying!

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Re: G-LREE adds new member... 1 place left

We have added a third member this month, just in time for our second year. We would still be happy to add a fourth who fit with the group and especially for someone looking for weekday usage. Se the revised math in the ad above for details - this is seriously affordable flying.
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